A few months after Hetti came to us, we decided we would also like a male pekingese to show.  Alison had just had another litter & we fell in love with one of the dogs - Our 1st Boy - "Taz" Moorthorpe Gilt Leaf

Taz just loved attention & the chance to 'show-off'', even at his very first show he walked proudly & was very confident in the ring.  He won many best puppy & best of breed at open shows & was placed many times at championship shows.  Taz sadly left us for The Rainbow Bridge November, 2005  

We decided to let Hetti have a litter of puppies, a whole new experience for us, & Alison very kindly offered to help us throughout, even with the whelping.  I stayed at Alison's house with Hetti & 0n 11th November, 1997 (Remembrance Day) she gave birth ‘naturally’ to 2 dogs & 1 bitch.  (The bitch was born at 11 o'clock, so we just had to call her Poppy!).  We took the puppies home at a few hours old & managed to raise them all, again Alison was only a phone call away if we needed any advice.

Hetti & Babies - 2 week old


We registered our own Affix with the KC 'VARPEK'; (VAR = first 3 letters of our surname & PEK = first 3 letters of the breed!)


Unfortunately, we lost the puppy bitch ‘Poppy’ at 4 months old - we were heart broken.  Up to been 3 months old she was healthy & was looking very promising 

She started stumbling & having mini black-outs, only for a split second & then would get up & run round again. We did everything we could for her, took her to numerous vets for different opinions & ended up at Liverpool University Hospital for small sick animals.  They had to perform an operation, which she pulled through.  On the morning we were to pick her up, they found her dead in her cage. 


We didn't think we would be able to carry on exhibiting/breeding, but with so much encouragement from new ‘peke’ friends we couldn’t give up. 

Hetti & Poppy

Taken a few days before Poppy died



The 2 boys ‘Chang’ & ‘Rusty’ have been adopted together & live with my auntie & uncle as very spoilt family members. 

Hetti returned to the show ring, & gained her Stud Book Number in June 2002, after been placed 1st in Limit Bitch at the North of Scotland Pekingese Club Championship Show (Judge Bill Chapman - 'YORKLEE'). She has now retired & lives with her 2 boys.


Margaret with the boys

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