We decided to keep the puppy bitch, 'Abigail' - Varpek Truly Scrumptious  

Abigail - 4 month old

Abigail - 8 month old

Abigail unfortunately, wasn't shown as a puppy, (due to my ill health)

1st in Junior Bitch - North of England Pekingese Club, July 2003 - Judge Dr A Schemel (Bentwood) writes:

"Varnam's Varpek Truly Scrumptious, grey-brindle with equally distinct and feminine expression, low to the ground, short body with light well angulated hindquarters, nice fringes, moved very well."

"Our Dogs" - 5th September, 2003

Bitch Line-up

1st in Pekingese Junior Class - Bolton Canine Society - 10th August, 2003 - Judge: Denise Bowen (Parkbow)

1st in Pekingese Junior Class - Bolton Town Show - 16th August, 2003 - Judge: Mrs L Humphreys (Amarantos) writes:-

"Varnam's Varpek Truly Scrumptious: 15 mths old, grey/brindle with dark lustrious eyes, dark mask, good length of ear, well shaped wide head with good wrinkle to muzzle and large nostrils, moved well with roll, profuse coat of correct texture."

"Our Dogs" - 12th September, 2003

1st in Novice Bitch - Yorkshire & Eastern Counties Pekingese Club Open Show - Judge: Barry Gosling (Silverling) - 7th September, 2003

1st in Debutant Bitch - The Scottish Pekingese Association's Championship Show - Judge: Dot Riley (Highmead) - 18th October, 2003

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